How Physiotherapy Can Help You

Posted on Thu, 10 Mar 2016

People seek out physiotherapy for many reasons, including:

·         Recovery from an accident or injury

·         Treatment for an illness

·         Assistance with muscle imbalance or loss of flexibility.

Physiotherapy is a highly effective treatment option, as it involves the patient in the process and does not rely on prescription fixes for pain or other issues. In recent decades, people have developed an understanding of the body as whole entity. Each part of the body functions as part of the whole, and you cannot treat one aspect as if it is separate from the rest of your body. Sometimes the pain that you feel in your hip is actually a result of something as seemingly disparate as a weakness in your lower back muscles.     

Physiotherapy can help you hasten your recovery time or improve your body’s functionality through a number of natural treatment options. Techniques that our clinics use include:

·         Soft-tissue work

·         Acupuncture

·         Manual therapy

·         Neurokinetic therapy

·         Exercise prescription

Your physiotherapist will work with you, giving you the tools you need to treat your body well. Many of the lessons that you learn through physiotherapy – such as exercises to target specific aspects of your body’s strength or flexibility – can be used for years to come. Many people find that an injury that they experience is something that they need to work with for years, and our physiotherapists can give you the tools that you need to continue the healing process.

At the [clinic], we believe in treating the whole body. There are no quick-fix solutions to the body’s healing process. By using a variety of treatments and remaining in communication with the body’s needs, we can help you restore your body to its optimum health and functionality. Call the [clinic] today to find out more about how physiotherapy can be part of your holistic treatment plan!        


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